My name is Nicholas DeDario and I am a northern Indiana native. I was born in Elkhart Indiana where I attended St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church and School, from kindergarten through eighth grade. In high school I was a four sport athlete and made rare appearances on the honor roll. While working full time and finishing school I was very busy, yet I always had a passion to serve in the military. Exactly three weeks after my 20th birthday I was on a plane headed to Ft. Benning GA, for basic training. A short five years and two combat tours later I was three weeks into my first semester at Holy Cross College and spending my last active duty paycheck from the Department of Defense.

     This "efolio" page is an attempt to better understand the holistic education philosophy at Holy Cross College. This includes the circumstances that led me to Holy Cross College as well as the cultivation and evolution of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. These past four years have seen me grow as a person and as a student, become a new father, and a future entrepreneur.

     It is tradition here at Holy Cross for each senior to select a theme that is both central in this format as well as in the final Capstone presentation. In honor of this tradition I decided to utilize a personal motto I have reflected upon to motivate myself since I was playing football at six years old. Not until I became an adult did I know the true source of this quote was the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

     Although this is a seemingly simple concept it seems to evade most of our society these days. All too often I hear people around me of all ages, races, genders, cultural and ethical backgrounds complain with some false sense of entitlement that was neither earned nor deserved. I hope that my fellow classmates take advantage of the opportunities here at Holy Cross to gain a deeper understanding of the interconnected and ever shrinking world we live in today.

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